Alpenhotel Ozon Wolfgruber

  • Free parking
  • Guaranteed confirmation in 1 workday
  • Free WiFi
  • Baby friendly (Free under 3 years)
  • Own restaurant
  • Free wifi, welcome drink (alcoholic drink), welcome drink (e.g. mineral water), free sauna use, free gym use, free table-tennis use, postcard, free brochure about the sights and attractions of the region
  • 25 room, 45 capacity
  • Spoken languages: English, Hungarian, German, Italian

Description of the Accommodation

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11 Rieding street, Wolfsberg, 9431 (Austria)
Parking, travelling
  • Free private parking (50 )

  • Free WiFi in shared places

Leisure, recreation
  • Skiing (3 km away)

General services
  • Private bike storage

  • Dining options: Own restaurant

    Cuisine type in own restaurant: Hungarian, Local specialties, Italian, Modern, Traditional

    Special diets available in own restaurant: Child menu, Lactose-free diet, Gluten free diet, Vegetarian diet, Paleo diet

Child-friendly services
  • Child bedding, Tub, High chair, Baby feeding set, Baby food heating possibility, Baby toys, Trampoline, Mobile baby crib

    Free of charge until the age of 3!

  • 5 km City center