Apartmány Sileas Veľká Lomnica

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  • Black Stork Veľká Lomnica 700 m
  • Privát Horec 3.5 km
  • Instant confirmation
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Wellness services
  • Free wifi, 20% restaurant discount, ski pass discount: 10%
  • Dog allowed (10 € / night)
  • 31 apartments, 120 people
  • Spoken languages: English, Slovak

Description of the accommodation:

Ideal for families too

Rooms, services Apartmány Sileas Veľká Lomnica is offering 31 tasfefully furnished, nice rooms for those looking for a place to stay at in Veľká Lomnica. The apartment also welcomes your pet for the stay at an additional cost. You may park your vehicle for free in a parking lot available on the spot. Relaxing wellness services will be available to you at the apartment, the details you will find on the information sheet. At the apartment you may go online via wireless Internet connection (WiFi). The exact equipment of a room and the exact list of available services of Apartmány Sileas Veľká Lomnica can be read on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the selected room.

Location The apartment is located 9 km from Lomnicky peak , 700 meters from Black Stork Veľká Lomnica, 3.9 km from Automuzeum Mlynica, 3.5 km from Privát Horec, 8.7 km from AquaCity Poprad, 4.5 km from Vodná nádrž Kežmarok, 4.7 km from Vodná nádrž Žakovce, 9 km away from Lomnicke sedlo.

Catering The indicated prices are without catering.

Payment When paying your room, you may choose from the following payment methods: debit/credit card, cash, bank transfer. Apartmány Sileas Veľká Lomnica requests 100% advance payment to finalize your reservation.

Arrival, opening hours The earliest check-in time is 14:00, the latest check-out time is 10:00. The personnel can speak English and Slovak languages.

610 Tatranská 610 ., Veľká Lomnica, 05952 (Slovakia)

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  • No meal
Please indicate your chosen period to be able to see the exact prices and available room types!
Deluxe Apartment for 2 Persons with Shower (extra beds available) Deluxe Apartment for 2 Persons with Shower (extra beds available)
for maximum 5 people person(s)
  • WiFi
  • Fridge
  • Baby cot can be put in
Apartment for 2 Persons with Shower and Kitchenette (extra beds available) Apartment for 2 Persons with Shower and Kitchenette (extra beds available)
for maximum 5 people person(s)
  • WiFi
  • Fridge
  • Baby cot can be put in
Standard Apartment for 2 Persons with Shower (extra beds available) Standard Apartment for 2 Persons with Shower (extra beds available)
for maximum 4 people person(s)
  • WiFi
  • Fridge
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  • Staff:
  • Cleanness:
  • Price/Value:
  • Comfort:
  • Services:
  • Accessibility:
Rating 9.7
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Adrian Sulima - group of friends
based on 3 days
2 years ago
Rating 10
The guest did not write a review.
Family with small child
based on 5 days
4 years ago
Parking, travelling
  • Free parking nearby
    Free private parking (50 , )

  • Free WiFi in shared places

Leisure, recreation
  • Relaxation: Table-tennis (nearby), Hiking opportunities (nearby), Fishing (nearby), Nightclub (9000 m away), Casino (9000 m away), Horse riding (nearby), Golf course (1500 m away)

    Ball games, Darts, Sports equipment rental, Bicycle path nearby, Outdoor tennis court, Golf simulator nearby , Mountain climbing nearby , Ski rental nearby , Aquapark nearby, Disco nearby, Theatre nearby , Cinema nearby , Swimming in nature nearby, Indoor swimming pool nearby

Wellness section, relaxation

Size: 1 m2
Entrance fee: 10 €/hour

  • Massage
  • Saunas
  • Wellness section, relaxation
General services
  • Park nearby , Multilingual staff , Reception, Mushroom picking , Taxi, Lecture hall, Conference room, Non smoking area , Shopping center nearby , Ski lift nearby , Bus stop nearby, Airport nearby , Tram stop nearby , Train station nearby , Bar nearby , Pastry shop nearby , Café nearby , Outdoor swimming pool nearby

    Pet friendly, Elevator, Garden, Gazebo

  • Outdoor cooking options: Barbecue, Open fireplace available (firewood is payable), Cooking in cauldron (firewood is payable)

    Pizzeria nearby

    Dining options: Nearest restaurant (400 m away)

Wellness types
  • Hotel - Bubble bath

Child-friendly services
  • Playhouse, Playground, Mobile baby cot, High chair, Baby food heating option, Baby cot

from 14:00 o'clock
Check out
until 10:00
Spoken languages
English, Slovak
Accepted currency
EUR (€)
Accepted card types
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Maestro
Cleaning fee
Local tax
The price does not include
Property fee
The price doesn't include: 0.75 € / person / night
from Monday until Sunday: 08:00 - 23:45
Wellness services
15:00 - 22:00
The entrance fee of the wellness/spa facility: 10 €/hour
Accommodation - reservation conditions
Terms and Conditions Apartment rental conditions   published pursuant to § 5 et seq. The Electronic Commerce Act  I. Proposal and conclusion of the contract 1.1. Orders are accepted by the broker exclusively on the forms prescribed by these conditions via the interface at www.apartmanysileas.sk.1.2. The order submitted is binding, the lessor can cancel it only by the notification under Art. V.1.3. Changes and additions to the order only apply to duplicate confirmation in a written (including electronic) form.1.4. The order is a proposal to conclude a short-term lease agreement for the subject defined by the description and apartment number on the form in the user interface on www.apartmanysileas.sk1.5. The draft contract is accepted by the addressee if, upon receipt or delivery of the order, it confirms by e-mail to the intermediaries whether it is generated by www.apartmanysileas.sk through other web sites (discount portals) or other technical means, confirmation record.1.6. The proposal for the contract is accepted by the addressee even if it accepts the proposal in a manner other than the mediation of Apartments Sileas sro, the confirmation must in this case also contain a confirmation that at that time the rental of the apartment is not already arranged for another person through the interface www.apartmanysileas.sk, or a linked Web site.II. Subject matter and nature of the contract 2.1. The subject of the contract is the short-term lease of premises not occupying permanent accommodation, the provisions of the lease and accommodation agreements shall apply mutatis mutandis.2.2. The subject of the contract is also the modification of the conditions for the application of mutual responsibility relationships. III. Pricing and payment terms   3.1. The tenant is obligated to pay the landlord properly and on time the agreed or determined price on the account maintained by the intermediary. Unless otherwise agreed, the price is negotiated at the price of the offer published on www.apartmanysileas.sk .3.2. The price is payable on the basis of an invoice issued by the landlord and delivered to the tenant at the latest on the day of termination of the lease. The maturity of the invoice or its non-surplus balance, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, is 10 days after the receipt of the invoice in written or electronic form no later than the date of termination of the lease.3. 3. The price is paid by the customer according to the chosen method of payment mentioned in the order.3.4. In the event of late payment, the parties have negotiated a contractual fine of 2 percent for each day of delay within 60 days of delay and 1 percent for each day of delay from the 61st day of delay. The fine is payable on the day of receipt of the call for payment.3.5. In the event that the relationship between the parties is governed by the Commercial Code and the Customer is not a consumer, the provisions of the Spanish Law on Combating Late Payments in Trade Relations shall apply to the lessor's rights. IV. Service provision and service claim  4.1. The date of service is understood to be the day on which the service was rendered or made available to the lessee on the ordered scale, notwithstanding additional orders (ancillary services) .4.2. Claims on the quality and scope of services do not affect the price maturity; the supplier is entitled to extend the maturity during the complaint procedure.4.3. The customer may claim the quality and scope of the services provided electronically, in writing or in person. If the customer complains about the quality or scope of the service at the place of accommodation, the third person appointed by the landlord may also accept the claim, 4.4. Complaint about the quality of the provided services is possible at the latest on the day of the end of the accommodation / rent. If the complaint is provided by a third person pursuant to par. 3.4 has no right to decide on a discount or a refund of the price paid, it can only negotiate a substitute performance or provide for the removal of the defects of the service provided.4.6. If the landlord fails to reclaim the complaint within 15 days of filing the complaint, he or she rejects the complaint in part or in whole or within 30 days of filing a claim, or refunds the amount paid to him or her within the scope of the reclaimed claim, the claimant has the right to claim reimbursement of the price paid appropriate part of the court or arbitration panel. V. Withdrawal from the order and cancellation fees 5.1 You may withdraw from the service order at any time, but no later than the last day before your arrival, by e-mail to the contact e-mail address at www.apartmanysileas.sk5.2. In the event that the order is canceled by notification by the client, the landlord is entitled to a cancellation fee.5. 3. The amount of the cancellation fee is: The guest can cancel free of charge until 30 days before arrival. The guest will be charged the total price if they cancel in the 30 days before arrival. If the guest doesn’t show up they will be charged the total price.The guest will be charged a prepayment of the total price at any time.You will accept prepayment by: Other. You will refund within: 7 days.5.4. Cancellation fee Intermediary in the name of the tenants will be charged with the paid accommodation price on the date of the cancellation notice. The balance of the paid price shall be paid by the intermediary to the customer within 7 days of delivery of the notice. If the price was not paid prior to the cancellation, the cancellation fee is due on the day following the notice of withdrawal. VI. Damage compensation6.1. The condition of compensation for damages on items - money, money over EUR 100 (and equivalents) and jewelery is to be deposited in a safe / segmented / safe deposit box at the joint reception of the lessor. In the event that such articles are not deposited in this way, this is sufficient evidence of the failure of the injured person to prevent the occurrence of damage.6.2. In other cases, compensation for damages in the cases brought will render the injured claim for compensation by filling in the claim form, which he will rather sign and sign with the authorized agent of the lessor. The report contains undisputable factual assertions about the course of the event, separately identified controversial facts and the proposed method of proving them. In the event that the report is not damaged, it is obliged to indicate the evidence of the damage, its extent and the connection between the damage to the submitted cases and its submission (the fact that the damage occurred during the stay and that the thing was brought into the premises of the subject rental) at the latest in the timely application of the claim for damages.6.3. The liability of the lessee and the persons jointly liable for damage to the apartment equipment and its premises shall be deemed to have been established if the damage occurred during the use of the apartment premises if such damage is detected at the latest at the time of the termination of the lease and is recorded in the record of the damage incurred otherwise, only if the occurrence of the damage event is recorded by the lessor or the service provider. To determine the time of occurrence of damage the decisive state of the facility is on the inventory list on the day of taking over the premises.6.4. Liability for damages also applies to common areas used by multiple tenants, common areas of individual buildings in which apartments are located, and damage to adjacent plots where damage causes the lessee to pay damages to the landlord. VII. Joint commitments and settlement of disputes arising from multilateral transactions7.1. If any of the group of entrepreneurs (§ 2 of the Commercial Code), including affiliated companies and trade entrepreneurs participating in the use of a common element in a commercial currency (Section 10 (2) and Section 66a of the Commercial Code) or persons in a controlled and (a) to its use by other members of the group of entrepreneurs; b) to its use by employees or other persons subject to the entrepreneur; such an acceptance shall constitute an agreement for the creation of a joint venture; obligation under Section 511 of the Civil Code; if the act occurs without the consent of the original debtor - the buyer, such acceptance is an acceptance of the obligation under § 533 of the Commercial Code, both in terms of the lease and the right to compensation for the subject of the lease.7.2. Similarly, the parties have agreed on a joint commitment of the natural person or the legal entity that has concluded the contract and its close persons or persons against whom the application pursuant to Section 42b of the Civil Procedure Act pursuant to Section 511 of the Civil Procedure Act and Section 533 of the Commercial Code.7.3. Similarly, the parties have agreed to establish a joint commitment of the lessee with physical persons outside the employees of the lessor or its subordinates or its contractors, to whom the lessee has allowed the use of the lease.7.3. In order to resolve disputes arising from joint commitments or multilateral transactions occurring on the basis of the conclusion of a contract and taking over the subject of the lease under the preceding paragraphs, Article IX shall apply. these conditions.VIII. Draft arbitration agreement to settle disputes with third parties8.1. The customer (the lessee), by submitting the order and agreeing to these conditions, proposes simultaneously the conclusion of the arbitration clause, IX to all persons bound by joint commitments as well as to the commitment of the ordering party pursuant to § 533 of OT.8.2. The landlord, by confirming the order, proposes at the same time the conclusion of the arbitration clause, IX to all persons who are or will be bound by the joint obligations with the customer as well as by joining an obligation under § 533 of OT.8.3. The proposal under par. 8.1. and 8.2. is binding and irrevocable, and the acceptance by the joint debtors (the persons jointly bound) as well as the natural and legal persons who will accede to the lessee's obligation towards the lessor, is the arbitration agreement concluded under Art. IX.IX. Dispute resolution and choice of law9.1. All disputes between or in connection with this arbitration clause, including disputes concerning its validity, breach, interpretation and dissolution, as well as disputes concerning the arbitrability of the dispute, shall be settled by an arbitration panel formed by the sole arbitrator Mgr. Slavomír Jančok, ACIArbApartmány Sileas, s.r.o.