Balló Vendégház Csíkszentimre

  • Free parking
  • Guaranteed confirmation in 1 workday
  • Free WiFi
  • Free WiFi
  • 6 room, 18 capacity
  • Spoken languages: Hungarian, Romanian

Description of the accommodation:

Ideal for families too

Rooms, services 6 comfortably furnished rooms are offered by Balló Vendégház Csíkszentimre to guests looking for accommodation in Sântimbru. There is a parking space available on the spot, so in case you are arriving by car, you will be free to leave it there without any additional costs. Wireless Internet connection (WiFi) is available at the guesthouse, enabling portable devices and smartphones to go online. To learn more about the exact range of services of Balló Vendégház Csíkszentimre (including services for an extra fee) and the exact equipment of the rooms, please check the information sheet below and the information sheet of the respective rooms.

Catering At the displayed prices your booking does not include catering. When making your reservation, you will have the option to choose another type of catering. The guesthouse is also offering the following: no boarding, breakfast, half board.

Payment You may choose one of the following methods to pay your room: cash, bank transfer. Balló Vendégház Csíkszentimre requires 30% advance payment prior to finalizing your reservation.

Arrival, opening hours The earliest time to check in at the guesthouse is 14:00, the latest time to check out is 12:00. Hungarian and Romanian languages are spoken by the personnel.

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504 Principala street, Sântimbru, 537271 (Romania)
(4 guest reviews)
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Rating 10
"Közvetlen házigazdák, jót beszélgettünk este."
Törökné Tóth Ilona - family with older children
based on 2 day(s)
(1 year)
Rating 4.7
"A tisztasággal nem volt probléma"
Family with older children
based on 9 day(s)
(1 year)
Rating 10
The guest did not write a review.
Szűcs Ádám - group of friends
based on 2 day(s)
(1 year)
Parking, travelling
  • Free private parking (10 private)

  • Free WiFi in shared places, Free Internet in shared places

Leisure, recreation
  • Football (300 m away)

General services
  • Garden, Private bike storage, Ironing available

  • Barbecue, Cooking in cauldron (free firewood), Cooking on grill disc (free firewood), Open fireplace available (free firewood)

Child-friendly services
  • Baby food heating possibility

  • 300 m Train station
  • 12 km City center