Dům u lesa Liberec

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  • Ski areál Ještěd 600 m
  • Webkamera - Liberec - Jěštěd 1.8 km
  • Guaranteed confirmation in 1 workday
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Spoken languages: Czech

Description of the accommodation:

Rooms, services Dům u lesa Liberec is offering nicely furnished rooms to stay in to those seeking accommodation in Liberec. If you are arriving by car, the apartment will provide you a parking space without charging you any extra fees. The exact scope of services offered by Dům u lesa Liberec (including those for an extra fee) and the exact equipment of a room are available on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the given rooms.

Location The apartment is located 4.5 km from Ambiente The Living restaurant, 4.5 km from U Koťátků, 4.5 km from Půjčovna lodiček přehrada Harcov Liberec, 4.5 km from DinoPark Liberec, 4.5 km from Nová synagoga v Liberci, 4.5 km from Sakura's, 4.5 km from Webkamera - Liberec, 4.5 km from Webkamera - Liberec, 4.5 km from penzion Horka, 4.5 km from Porta Café, 4 km from Koupaliště Hoření Paseky, 4.5 km from A-klub Restaurace, 2.7 km from Koupaliště Vápenka, 2.8 km from Hanychovská jeskyně, 2.7 km from Ještěd, 4.5 km from iQpark science centre, 3.9 km from Vznášedla - zážitek a zábava, 4.5 km from Černý kohout, 4.5 km from Liberecká radnice, 4.5 km from Plavecký bazén Liberec, 3.3 km from Babylon Jizerka, 4.5 km from Plzeňka - Duli restaurace, 4.5 km from apartmány FRIDAY, 1.8 km from Webkamera - Liberec - Jěštěd, 4.5 km from Inter hostel Liberec, 3.9 km from Panoptikum, 4.5 km from Neptun, 4.5 km from Hotel Liberec, 4.5 km from Liberecký labužník, 4.5 km from Desperados, 4.5 km from Restaurace Valdštejn Liberec, 4.5 km from Webkamera - Liberec pohled Ještěd, 4.5 km from Zámek Liberec, 3.3 km from Webkamera Pláně sloup č.3 (Ještědský hřbet), 4.5 km from Hotel Radnice, 4.5 km from Testovač, 3.3 km from Kozlovna, 4.5 km from Scorpio, 4.5 km from ZOO Liberec, 3.3 km from Webkamera - Liberec, 2.2 km from Naučná stezka Terasy Ještědu, 4.5 km from Plaudit, 3.9 km from LaFabbrica, 3.3 km from Webkamera Černý vrch (Ještědský hřbet), 4.5 km from Balada, 3.3 km from Webkamera Ještěd F10 (Ještědský hřbet), 3.3 km from Webkamera - Ještědský hřbet, Ještěd, 4.5 km from ZOO Bar, 3.3 km from Centrum Babylon, 3.9 km from Česká Beseda, 2.9 km from Webkamera - Liberec, 600 meters from Ski areál Ještěd, 4.5 km from U Salamandra, 4.5 km from Restaurace Praha, Liberec, 4.5 km away from Oblastní galerie v Liberci.

Catering Your reservation does not include catering at the indicated prices.

Payment The apartment is offering the following methods to pay your reservation: cash, bank transfer. Dům u lesa Liberec requires 100% advance payment prior to finalizing your reservation.

Arrival, opening hours The earliest time to check in to your room is 14:00, the latest time to check out of your room is 10:00. The personnel is at your service in Czech language.

Na Rozhraní 111, Liberec, 46008 (Czech Republic)

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  • No meal
Apartment for 3 Persons with Shower and Kitchenette Apartment for 3 Persons with Shower and Kitchenette
max. 3 people
  • WiFi
  • Fridge
I'll check the available days and prices
Apartment for 4 Persons with Shower and Kitchenette (extra bed available) Apartment for 4 Persons with Shower and Kitchenette (extra bed available)
max. 5 people
  • WiFi
  • Fridge
I'll check the available days and prices
Parking, travelling
  • Free private parking

Leisure, recreation
  • Relaxation: Table-tennis (3200 m away), Billiard (4900 m away), Squash (5000 m away), Golf course (5900 m away), Minigolf (5800 m away), Bowling (3400 m away), Casino (4300 m away), Bike rental near the accommodation (3800 m away), Beach volleyball (5800 m away), Scuba diving (5600 m away), Hiking opportunities (nearby)

    Aquapark nearby, Mountain climbing nearby , Ski rental nearby , Cinema nearby , Disco nearby, Bicycle path nearby, Aerobics nearby, Golf simulator nearby , Gym / sport hall nearby, Shooting range nearby , Sports equipment rental nearby , Theatre nearby , Indoor tennis court nearby , Indoor swimming pool nearby , Swimming in nature nearby

Wellness section, relaxation
  • Outdoor pool
  • Wellness/spa nearby
General services
  • Garden, Luggage room

    Smoking area, Terrace, Multilingual staff , Café nearby , Bar nearby , Pub nearby , Health center nearby , Exchange office nearby , Massage nearby , Shopping center nearby , Ski lift nearby , Park nearby , Non smoking area , Tram stop nearby , Outdoor tennis court nearby , Information services , Mushroom picking , Train station nearby , Pastry shop nearby , Hairdresser / Beauty Salon nearby, Airport nearby , Bus stop nearby, Hotel - Hot tub nearby , Hotel - Garden nearby

  • Outdoor cooking options: Barbecue

    Dining options: Nearest restaurant (1000 m away)

    Pizzeria nearby

Wellness types
  • Sauna nearby , Salt cave nearby , Steam room nearby , Solarium nearby

Child-friendly services
  • Playground, Playhouse

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Accepted currency
CZK (Kč)