Hotel A4 Mop Zastawie Jaworzno

  • Guaranteed confirmation in 1 workday
  • Free WiFi
  • Cat, dog allowed free of charge
  • 15 rooms, 35 people
  • Spoken languages: English, Polish

Description of the accommodation:

Ideal for families too

A4 Hotel

A4 Hotels ** are located on both sides of the A4 highway, at its 362 km , 20 km away from Katowice and 40 km away from Kraków. The hotels are an ideal resting place for travellers toward the German or Ukrainian borders. They constitute an integral part of the service area known as MOP Kępnica (Kępnica Rest area) – towards Kraków / MOP Zastawie (Zastawie Rest area) – towards Katowice. Rest areas offer travellers various kinds of services.

The services include a petrol station, snack bar, bar-room, car service, and a car wash. Each hotel has 45 beds in single, double, triple and 4-person rooms. The hotel and parking space areas are monitored to ensure the safety of our guests.

We offer to our Guests:
Breakfast buffet.
24 h access to hot and cold beverages
Free high-speed Internet in every room
Monitored, unattended parking lot.
Fax and photocopier access.

A4 362 KM motorway, Jaworzno, 43-607 (Poland)
  • Free Internet in shared places

General services
  • Safe deposit box

  • 30 km Nearest airport