Pensiunea Casa Domneasca Cacica

  • Guaranteed confirmation in 1 workday
  • Free WiFi
  • Free parking
  • Own restaurant
  • Free use of gym for 10 minute(s), free use of table tennis for 10 minute(s), free slippers
  • Free of charge up to 6 years of age
  • Cat, dog allowed (40 ron / night)
  • Number of rooms: 12 pcs
  • Maximum capacity: 26 guest
  • Spoken languages: English, Romanian, Italian

Description of the accommodation:

Rooms, services Pensiunea Casa Domneasca Cacica is offering 12 tasfefully furnished, nice rooms for those looking for a place to stay at in Cacica. Your small pet is also very welcome during your stay at the pension. An additional fee applies to taking your pet here. The pension is happy to have you in the restaurant for a hearty lunch or a romantic dinner. There is a parking space available on the spot, so in case you are arriving by car, you will be free to leave it there without any additional costs. The pension is offering wireless Internet connection (WiFi) without charging extra fees, so you may go online anytime with your laptop during your stay. The exact scope of services offered by Pensiunea Casa Domneasca Cacica (including those for an extra fee) and the exact equipment of a room are available on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the given rooms.

Catering At the displayed prices your booking does not include catering.

Payment The following methods are available to pay the reservation: cash, credit card.

Arrival, opening hours The earliest check-in time to your room is 14:00, the latest check-out time from your room is 12:00. The personnel can speak English, Romanian and Italian languages.

Cacica , Cacica, 727295 (Romania)
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  • Staff:
  • Cleanness:
  • Price/Value:
  • Comfort:
  • Services:
  • Restaurant:
  • Accessibility:
Rating 9.6
"-miła obsługa -gościnność -nowoczesny wygląd obiektu, basen, wellnes -posiada miejsca do spędzania miłych wieczorów"
Group of friends
based on 8 day(s)
(1 year)
Parking, travelling
  • Private parking

  • WiFi in shared spaces, Internet in shared spaces

Leisure, recreation
  • Fitness, Table-tennis, Swimming pool, Hiking, Hiking opportunities, Horse riding

Wellness, relaxation
  • Infra sauna (25 ron (~ 5.55 €)/occasion)
General services
  • Barrier-free, Pet friendly, Garden, Room service, Bar, Laundry, Safe deposit box, Room service

  • Dining options: Own restaurant

    Outdoor cooking options: Barbecue, Cooking in cauldron, Cooking on grill disc

Child-friendly services
  • Playground

  • Local bus station: 100 m
  • Overland bus station: 100 m
  • Train station: 1500 m
  • City center: 1500 m
  • Nearest airport: 38 km