Pensiunea Mary Zalău

  • Free parking
  • Guaranteed confirmation in 1 workday
  • Free WiFi
  • Baby friendly
  • Cat, dog allowed free of charge
  • 5 rooms, 14 people
  • Spoken languages: English, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian

Description of the accommodation:

Rooms, services Pensiunea Mary Zalău is offering 5 tastefully furnished rooms to those seeking accommodation in Zalău. The pension ensures a pleasant stay for you and your family by offering chield-friendly services. The pension is pet-friendly, providing a comfortable and pleasant stay for you and your small pet as well. You may park your vehicle for free in a parking lot available on the spot. The pension is offering wireless Internet connection (WiFi) without charging extra fees, so you may go online anytime with your laptop during your stay. An exact and detailed list of equipment in the rooms and of the services provided by Pensiunea Mary Zalău you will find on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the individual rooms, including any applicable additional fees.

Catering Your booking does not include catering at the displayed prices.

Payment The following method is available to pay the reservation: cash.

Arrival, opening hours The earliest arrival time is 12:00, the latest time to leave the rooms is 12:00. The personnel can speak English, Spanish, French, Romanian and Italian languages.

2B Aghires, Str. Iasomiei ., Zalău, 457246 (Romania)
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Rating 8.3
"Csak az ágy óriási méretével volt gondunk, mert a kis szobát teljesen betöltötte. Lefekvéskor a megközelítése kész kín volt."
"A hölgy rendkívül kedves, szolgálatkész, mindent megmagyarázott."
Older couple
based on 7 days
4 years ago
Rating 6.2
The guest did not write a review.
Older couple
based on 4 days
3 years ago
Parking, travelling
  • Free private parking (20 guarded)

  • Free WiFi in shared places

Leisure, recreation
  • Sports field

General services
  • Garden, Gazebo

  • Barbecue, Cooking in cauldron, Open fireplace available

Child-friendly services
  • High chair, Baby food heating possibility, Playground

  • 3.5 km City center