Royal Route Residence - M7 Warszawa

  • National Museum Warsaw 400 m
  • Polish Military Museum 500 m
  • Guaranteed confirmation in 1 workday
  • Free WiFi
  • Free air conditioning
  • Cat, dog allowed free of charge
  • 1 apartment , 4 people
  • Spoken languages: English, Polish

Description of the accommodation:

Ideal for families too

Rooms, services Royal Route Residence - M7 Warszawa is offering a tasfefully furnished, nice room for those looking for a place to stay at in Warsaw. You are more than welcome to take your small pet along for your holiday, for the apartment is pet-friendly. Air-conditioners operating in all rooms ensure that you enjoy your stay even during the hottest summer days. The apartment is offering wireless Internet connection (WiFi) without charging extra fees, so you may go online anytime with your laptop during your stay. In all rooms there is a separate bathroom and a toilet. The exact scope of services offered by Royal Route Residence - M7 Warszawa (including those for an extra fee) and the exact equipment of a room are available on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the given rooms.

Location The apartment is situated 1.4 km from Zacheta Gallery, 1.4 km from Palace of Culture, 500 meters from Polish Military Museum, 1.7 km from Copernicus Science Center, 400 meters away from National Museum Warsaw.

Catering The displayed room prices are without catering.

Payment You may pay your reservation by the following payment methods: bon coupon , bank transfer, cash, debit/credit card. Royal Route Residence - M7 Warszawa asks for 30% to be paid in advance.

Arrival, opening hours The earliest time for arrival and check-in is 13:00, the latest time for departure and check-out is 11:00. The personnel speaks English and Polish.

29/3 Nowy Świat street, Warsaw, 00-029 (Poland)
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Group of friends
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  • Free WiFi in shared places, Free Internet in shared places

General services
  • Luggage room, Ironing available

Child-friendly services
  • High chair, Mobile baby crib

    Free of charge until the age of 6!

  • 10 m Nearest restaurant
  • 9 km City center