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On the RevNGo.com website the offers from the contracted partners of Hotel.de AG are also available. When making a reservation at the partners of Hotel.de AG, the terms and conditions of RevNGo.com and Hotel.de AG are also applied.

The terms and conditions of Hotel.de AG

On RevNGo.com you can find offers from Interhome AG's contracted partners as well. When booking to an accommodation from Interhome AG the Terms and Conditions of both RevNGo.com Ltd. and Interhome AG will apply jointy.

Terms and Conditions of Interhome AG

On the website of RevNGo.com, the accommodation partners of Adriagate.com are also available and bookable. If you make a reservation to an Adriagate.com accommodation, please keep in mind that the general terms and conditions of both RevNGo.com and Adriagate.com are valid and relevant.

Adriagate.com General Terms and Conditions

The reservation has been recorded successfully with the collaboration of our foreign agency partner. The General Terms and Conditions of RevNGo.com Ltd. and of our agency partner are both concurrently valid for the reservation.

General Terms and Conditions of the foreign partner