Vila Riki Borsec

  • Free parking
  • Guaranteed confirmation in 1 workday
  • Free WiFi
  • Baby friendly (Free under 6 years)
  • Own restaurant
  • Cat, dog allowed free of charge
  • 20 rooms, 50 people
  • Spoken languages: English, Romanian, Hungarian, German

Description of the accommodation:

Ideal for families too

Rooms, services Vila Riki Borsec is offering 20 nicely furnished rooms to stay in to those seeking accommodation in Borsec. At the pension available child-friendly services will ensure a nice holiday for the whole family. The pension is pet-friendly, providing a comfortable and pleasant stay for you and your small pet as well. In case you'd like to have a meal or a drink on the spot, you will be provided freshly prepared dishes in the restaurant every day. If you are arriving by car, the pension will provide you a parking space without charging you any extra fees. You can also bring your laptop for the holiday, for there is wireless Internet connection (WiFi) available at the pension. If you wish to learn more about the exact scope of services provided by Vila Riki Borsec (including any available for an extra fee) or about the equipment of the rooms, you will find them on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the selected room.

Catering Your booking does not include catering at the displayed prices.

Payment You may choose one of the following methods to pay your room: cash, debit/credit card, bank transfer. To be able to accept your booking request Vila Riki Borsec is asking for 50% advance payment.

Arrival, opening hours The earliest time to arrive is 14:00, the latest time to leave the rooms is 11:00. The personnel speaks Hungarian, English, German and Romanian.

19 Jokai Mor street, Borsec, 535300 (Romania)
(based on 8 rating)
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  • Restaurant:
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Rating 8.9
"Kedves, segítőkész személyzet. Tiszta, rendezett szoba."
Tresó Kinga - young couple
based on 2 days
2 months ago
Rating 6.6
"-nem beszeltek magyarul, pedig igerve volt -az etterem nem uzemelt, vagy legalabbis ugy nezett ki (este 7.30 es 9 ora kozott)"
Zsemberovszky Marta - older couple
based on 2 days
2 years ago
Rating 9.7
"Recepción mindig van,Magyar nyelven beszelő személyzet. Az emberek kedvesek,és barátságosak. Segítőkészek mindenben. Szobák tiszták,étel finom,és ízletes, bőséges. ! Aki szereti a helyeket,források tisztaságát,hegyi levegőt, keresse fel a szállót ! Annyi látványosság ,hogy nem lehet bejárni egy nap."
Fegyver Tamás - group of friends
based on 2 days
3 years ago
Parking, travelling
  • Free private parking (30 )

  • Free WiFi in shared places

Leisure, recreation
  • Table-tennis, Skiing (1 km away)

Wellness section, relaxation
  • Finnish sauna (35 ron (~ 7.32 €)/occasion)
General services
  • Bar, Cafe, Safe deposit box, Luggage room

  • Dining options: Own restaurant

    Outdoor cooking options: Barbecue

Child-friendly services
  • High chair, Play-room, Baby cot

    Free of charge until the age of 6!