Wisła accommodations:

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  • 9.6 Excellent
Wellness services: Jacuzzi, Children's pool, Steam room, Leisure pool, Massage nozzle, Lying massage, Massage bench , Geyser, Sunbathing terrace, Relax room, Ice shower, Massage, Steam chamber, Pools, Saunas, Indoor pool
  • 9.3 Very good
Poduszka Pensjonat Nad Rzeką Wisła
Wellness services: Finnish sauna, Children's pool, Baby pool, Saunas, Pools, Outdoor pool
  • 8.8 Good
Hotel New Wave Wisła
Wellness services: Children's pool, Leisure pool, Jacuzzi, Massage, Neck shower, Infra sauna, Manicure, Massage nozzle, Finnish sauna, Pool, Pools, Saunas, Indoor pool, Outdoor pool

Currently we don't have any available accommodation partners in Wisła.
Explore other settlements too, reserve a place in the vicinity perhaps with more favorable conditions!

Dom Gościnny Poziomkowa 5 Szczyrk
Wellness services: Pool, Children's pool, Pools, Outdoor pool
  • 8.8 Good
Olimpia Lux Resort & SPA Szczyrk
Wellness services: Jacuzzi, Massage nozzle, Waist massage, Jet pool, Jacuzzi bench, Massage bench , Sunbathing terrace, Relax room, Pedicure, Manicure, Salt therapy, Massage, Finnish sauna, Infra sauna, Sauna with essential oils, Herbal sauna, Children's pool, Pool, Saunas, Pools, Indoor pool, Outdoor pool
Pensjonat Agro Dom Leśny Zwardoń
  • Distance of Wisła: ~19.8 km
Wellness services: Jet pool, Child slide, Slide, Plunge pool, Children's pool, Pools, Outdoor pool
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