Gerendás Vendégház Demjén

  • Demjén Piramis Bath and Recreation Park 1.5 km
  • Instant confirmation
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Free wifi, free firewood (for outdoor grill, barbecue)
  • 4 rooms, 12 people
  • Spoken languages: Hungarian

Description of the accommodation:

Ideal for families too

Rooms, services 4 comfortably furnished rooms are offered by Gerendás Vendégház Demjén to guests looking for accommodation in Demjén. The guesthouse welcomes you and the complete family with child-friendly services. There is a parking space available on the spot, so in case you are arriving by car, you will be free to leave it there without any additional costs. Wireless Internet connection (WiFi) is available at the guesthouse, ensuring that you can stay up-to-date during your holiday. In all rooms there is a separate bathroom and a toilet. The exact list of services available at Gerendás Vendégház Demjén (including those for an extra fee) and the exact list of equipment in a room can be found on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the respective rooms.

Location The guesthouse is 1.5 km from Demjén Piramis Bath and Recreation Park.

Catering Your reservation does not include catering at the indicated prices.

Payment You may choose one of the following methods to pay your room: cash, széchenyi recreation card.

Arrival, opening hours The earliest time to check in to your room is 14:00, the latest time to check out of your room is 10:00. The personnel can speak Hungarian.

2/b Rózsa út road, Demjén, 3395 (Hungary)
(based on 29 rating)
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Rating 10
"A tulajdonos rendkívül figyelmes volt velünk, csak pozitív élményeim vannak. Nagyon kedves, aranyos, látszik hogy szívét-lelkét bele teszi a vendéglátásba. Biztos hogy jövünk még!!! :)"
Tiszai Mercédesz - family with small child
based on 4 days
4 months ago
Rating 10
"A ház tiszta és jól felszerelt. A medence egyenesen pazar volt. A játszótér is nagyon jó, baráti társasággal, 4 kisgyerekkel voltunk. Tegnap jöttünk haza, de már indulnánk is vissza, ha lehetne. A házigazda segítőkész és nagyon barátságos. Mindenképpen jár a 10 pont! ❤️"
Décseiné Kovács Dóra - family with small child
based on 4 days
4 months ago
Rating 10
"Csak 1 éjszakát töltöttem ott, de szuper volt"
Young couple
based on 2 days
1 year ago

Based on the reviews and comments of actual guests, the services of the Gerendás Vendégház Demjén have received a high rating of 9.8/10.

Parking, travelling
  • Free private parking (7 , private)

  • Free WiFi in shared places

Leisure, recreation
  • Tennis (2 000 Ft (~ 5.45 €)/hour 1500 m away), Public pool (1 050 Ft (~ 2.86 €)/day 8 km away), Fishing (3 500 Ft (~ 9.54 €)/day 6 km away), Hiking opportunities (500 m away)

Wellness section, relaxation
  • Sunbathing terrace
  • Pool
General services
  • Garden, Gazebo, Private bike storage

  • Barbecue, Cooking in cauldron (firewood - free), Open fireplace available (firewood - free)

Child-friendly services
  • Tub, Playground, Baby cot

    Free of charge until the age of 2!

  • 20 m Nearest restaurant
  • 50 m Overland bus station