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  • 8.8 Good
Golden Ball Club Hotel & Fitness Győr
Wellness services: Leisure pool, Infra sauna, Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi, Salt chamber, Children's pool, Steam chamber, Swimming pool, Lying massage, Waist massage, Neck shower, Massage nozzle, Pool, Pools, Saunas, Indoor pool
1 reservations in the last 2 days
74.69 €
2 guest(s), 1 night(s), with breakfast

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  • 9.5 Excellent
Sokoró Fogadó Sokorópátka
Wellness services: Massage, Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi, Children's pool, Pool, Saunas, Pools, Outdoor pool
4 reservation(s) received since yesterday
38.80 €
2 guest(s), 1 night(s), with breakfast
  • 8.5 Good
Lipóti Termál - és Élményfürdő & Camping
Wellness services: Thermal pool, Leisure pool, Medicinal pool, Massage, Finnish sauna, Children's pool, Bar by the pool, Pool, Pools, Saunas, Outdoor pool
25.87 €
2 guest(s), 1 night(s), no meal
  • 8.1 Good
Hotel Amade Château Vrakúň
  • Distance of Győr: ~28.4 km
Wellness services: Indoor pool, Infra sauna, Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi, Outdoor pool, Children's pool, Steam chamber, Bar by the pool, Pool, Saunas, Pools
260 €
2 guest(s), 1 night(s), with breakfast
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Győr is a great choice: 1028 guests have given 9.8 points out of the maximum 10 !

  • historic (644)
  • calm (484)
  • clean (481)
  • big city (346)
  • modern (231)
TOP sights
  • Rába Quelle Thermal Spa and Waterpark
  • Xantus János Zoo
  • Audi Hungaria Visitor center
  • ETO Park
  • Bishop's Castle and Palace
  • Episcopal Cathedral
  • Zichy Palace
"Baroque Wedding Festival Thermenbad Györ Hotel Famulus Matroz Restaurant Györ árkád Shopping Centre Györ Sightseeing: River Promenade and Bridges; churches and centre City Bike"
Middle-aged couple 1 year
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