Tamás-tanya Lovas Vendégház Debrecen

  • Free parking
  • Instant confirmation
  • Free WiFi
  • Baby friendly (Free under 2 years)
  • 2 room, 8 capacity
  • Spoken languages: English, Hungarian

Description of the Accommodation

Ideal for families too

Rooms, services The guests of Tamás-tanya Lovas Vendégház Debrecen may stay in two nice, neat rooms in Debrecen. Services designed especially for small children ensure that the complete family will have a nice time at this guesthouse. There is a parking space available on the spot, so in case you are arriving by car, you will be free to leave it there without any additional costs. If you wish to learn more about the exact scope of services provided by Tamás-tanya Lovas Vendégház Debrecen (including any available for an extra fee) or about the equipment of the rooms, you will find them on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the selected room.

Location Spa 'Aquaticum Mediterrán' is 6 km away from the guesthouse.

Catering Your booking does not include catering at the displayed prices.

Payment You will need to pay for your stay in cash.

Arrival, opening hours The earliest time for arrival and check-in is 14:00, the latest time for departure and check-out is 10:00. The personnel can communicate with you in the following languages: English and Hungarian.

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2-14. Mókus street, Debrecen, 4002 (Hungary)
Very good
(41 guest reviews)
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Rating 4.5
"A tisztaság és a személyzet is hagy kivetni valót maga után.Minden tiszta por volt a szobában és a kinti butorok is.A szoba tele elpusztult legyekkel,mindenhol pokhálo.A fürdőröl nem is bedzélve!"
"Sajnos olyan nem volt."
Middle-aged couple
based on 4 day(s)
(1 week(s) ago)
Rating 9.7
"A hely maga nagyon szép, kényelmes, jól felszerelt és modern a fürdő és konyha, de rengeteg a pókháló, még a zuhanyzóban is!"
"Nagyon kedves személyzet, a hely egy mesebeli kis tanya, sok-sok állattal, gyerekeknek játszóterekkel. Csendes, nyugodt környezet, igazi megnyugtató hely."
Family with small child
based on 2 day(s)
(1 month(s) ago)
Rating 4.2
"Dohos,rosszlevegő,elhanyagolt zuhanykabin Higèniai hiányosságok!"
Middle-aged couple
based on 3 day(s)
(1 month(s) ago)

Based on the reviews and comments of actual guests, the services of the Tamás-tanya Lovas Vendégház Debrecen have received a high rating of 9.3/10.

Parking, travelling
  • Free private parking (3 private)

Leisure, recreation
  • Table-tennis, Football, Horse riding (4 000 Ft (~ 12.36 €)/hour)

General services
  • Barrier-free, Garden, Gazebo

  • Outdoor cooking options: Barbecue, Cooking in cauldron (free firewood), Open fireplace available (free firewood)

    Dining options: Nearest restaurant (2 km away), Closest grocery store (2 km away)

Child-friendly services
  • High chair, Baby food heating possibility, Playground, Trampoline, Baby cot

    Free of charge until the age of 2!

  • 6 km City center